Xena's Legacy

Links to blog posts and sites relating to Xena's legacy and the way the show continues to influence far and wide today.

-Lucy Lawless' Nod to Xena Winning The HitFix Tournament
Xena won this contentious tournament. A big deal as tons of fans pulled together to rally. Lucy acknowledged the win on twitter, sending a shout-out to NBC Universal, letting them know the fanbase is huge and a force to be reckoned with.

-Desperately Xeeking Xena - Wikipedia
Lucy bringing Bart and Lisa back home

Xena is forever immortalized in 'The Simpsons' history. How many other characters get that? This was from "Treehouse of Horror X" which aired on Halloween 1999. Lucy Lawless guest starred as herself. So this was a nod to both her and Xena. The basic sketch is Bart and Lisa gain superpowers and rescue Lucy Lawless whom is wearing her Xena costume. At one point after Lisa says Xena can't fly, Lucy famously replies: "I told you, I'm not Xena, I'm Lucy Lawless."

Lucy Lawless Quote From Dragon Con 2013 - September 8 2013 - blog post. Ever wonder how Xena has affected fans? You surf around the net and you'll see many stories. Here a fan lets Lucy know how Xena influenced her, and asked Lucy what she thought about her positive affect on fans with the role of Xena. Lucy knocks it out of the park with her awesome answer.

- Buzzfeed Post Xena vs Game Of Thrones - May 14 2013 - blog post. This was suppose to be a joke by the author. Actually she really does think GOT is better. However, I think the joke was on her, as I happened to see, as of the blog posting, a lot of people agreeing that Xena is better. As a GOT viewer I wrote my thoughts down. Either way it's a testament to just how popular Xena is today, and how in today's Pop Culture of amazing new shows, Xena is still a factor.

-Xena Costume on Exhibit at Fantasy Museum - May 4 2013 - blog post. This is the costume that Lucy sent the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian! That's amazing! It's on loan to this fantasy museum.

- Xena Won - April 8 2013 - blog post. This was a poll Xena won. Seems silly, but lets just say there were some voting irregularities. It became a matter of principle. All the Xenites came together and voted. It may not seem like it at times, but Xenaverse is still huge, active, and stubborn!

- 17 Years Since Xena Began - September 4 2012 - blog post. This is the first and only post thus far(may change), I wrote reflecting Xena's first airing anniversary. I touched on some of Xena's influences in it.

- The US Military is Developing “Xena: Warrior Princess”-Style Body Armor for Women - July 9 2013 - blog post. This blew my mind. Armor based on Xena's armor. Wow!

- Eris (dwarf planet) - Wikipedia
Eris (centre) and Dysnomia (left of centre).

This was the planet nicknamed 'Xena' based on the show. It was never named that officially, but yet still retains it's 'well-known as Xena' factor. Interestingly enough, it's moon was nicknamed 'Gabrielle,' again from Xena. The official name for the moon ended up being 'Dysnomia,' which is after the Greek goddess of lawlessness, which in name, is rather similar to Lucy Lawless, whom played Xena. All very cool stuff. Our Xena influences far and wide in ways we never anticipated.

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