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Shell reversal credited to Lawless' group
Shell Arctic Drilling Operations Suspended For 2013
I love Lucy - you should too
Lucy Lawless Sentenced(with many links) - February 6 2013
►Lucy's Court Date Postponed AGAIN
Lucy In Her Save The Arctic T-Shirt
Shell Stops Drilling in the Arctic - September 17 2012 
Sentencing Delayed For Lucy Lawless And The Taranaki 8
►Twitter Chat Recap with Lucy Lawless(and Take Part) August 11 2012
Lawless unimpressed as Shell ship breaks free - NZH - July 22 2012


Saturday interview: Lucy Lawless – Xena the Ecowarrior - The Guardian - June 29 2012
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Lucy Lawless: Guilty, not sorry - Blog post by Lucy at Greeanpeace's site - Greenpeace - June 15 2012
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► Lucy Lawless appeared in court today - Audio - Radiolive - June 14 2012
Burglary Charges Dropped - blog post - June 13 2012

►Please take the time to watch this video--->Interview with Lucy and Greenpeace Viv. 13 min long. Lucy explains her views and responds to criticism, the Shell ad, actresses protesting, arrest consequences, career consequences, what she does herself to cut back emissions:---> Actress turned eco-warrior Lucy Lawless - TVNZ

Lucy Lawless - Eco-Warrior Playlist

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►Lucy Heading To Court Tomorrow ****Updated Lucy and the Taranaki 7 remanded on bail. Court date set for May 3 2012 read post

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