Dragon Con 2013

Links to blog posts and sites about Lucy attending Dragon Con 2013.

After Dragon Con News:
-October 15 2013 - Several more pictures of Lucy added to the event gallery at Dragon Con's site.

-October 13 2013 - Several pictures of Lucy added to the guest gallery at Dragon Con's site:

        via: Dragon Con's guest gallery

        via: Dragon Con's guest gallery

-Lucy Lawless Quote From Dragon Con 2013 - September 8 2013
-Background picture of Lucy with her Atlanta braves cap on Dragon Con's site:

-Two pictures added to Dragon Con's Image gallery: here and here
-Lucy Lawless Receiving An Award - Dragon Con 2013 Awards Banquet Video - September 4 2013
-Lucy Lawless Panel at Dragon Con 2013 Videos - September 4 2013
-Lucy Lawless BSG Panel at Dragon 2013 - September 4 2013
-Lucy, Spartacus Backstage Pictures by T.K. Photography at Tumblr - September 4 2013
-Lethal and Vulnerable: A Conversation With Lucy Lawless - Daily Dragon -September 3 2013
-Added more pics to this post: -Lucy Lawless at Dragon Con Tweet Pics - Final Round 

Monday September 2 2013
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Sunday September 1 2013
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-Lucy Lawless Tweets and Pics for Dragon Con 2013 Day 3
-29 sec clip of Lucy Lawless at DragonCon - The Lucy Panel
-Lucy Lawless on the Spartacus Dragon Con Panel - Video
-Pictures of Lucy from day 1 at Flickr in this set.(not blog post, direct link to Flickr)
-Daily Dragon Online - Galactica in the Dragon’s House with a great picture of Lucy (not blog post, direct link to article)
*Update - August 31 2013. Due to Lucy's injury there was a change.  From Lucy's website:  "Lucy did hurt her leg this afternoon, but she'll be ok.  Her schedule for Sunday remains as planned except that she will be signing autographs on the Walk of Fame rather than downstairs where she has been for the last two days."

Saturday August 31 2013

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-Lucy Lawless Injury Plus Tweets and Pics From Dragon Con Day 2

Friday August 30 2013
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-Tweets and Tweet Pics of Lucy Lawless at Dragon Con Day 1

Thursday August 29 2013
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Days Before Dragon Con News: